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AndrewKalotayAssociates::Common::String Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AndrewKalotayAssociates::Common::String:

Public Types

typedef long size_type
typedef char value_type

Public Member Functions

COMMON_API String (const char *input)
COMMON_API String (const String &original)
COMMON_API void assign (const char *input)
COMMON_API void set (const char *input)
COMMON_API void reset (const char *input)
COMMON_API const Stringoperator= (const String &rhs)
COMMON_API const Stringoperator= (const char *rhs)
COMMON_API const char * c_str () const
COMMON_API size_type size () const
COMMON_API bool empty () const
COMMON_API void operator+= (const char *right)


bool operator== (const String &left, const char *right)

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